A few years ago, three pastors decided to help their congregations re-focus on the true meaning of Christmas by challenging their communities to Worship Fully, Spend Less, Give More and Love All. The response was overwhelming, and Advent Conspiracy was born.

This year, IJM invites you to make Advent Conspiracy part of your church, small group, or family tradition. Use your heart, time and money to make a difference in the life of your family, friends, church and community, and inspire others to get involved. Sign up now! We have all the tools you need.

Join The Conspiracy


“Our church has truly been transformed by our involvement with Advent Conspiracy. We approach the Advent season each year with a focus on the needs of the world that Christ came to heal and transform. The Christmas season ceased to be focused on ourselves, and directed more toward Christ and the world he sacrificed his life for.”

-Nancy Sugikawa, Associate Pastor,
Lighthouse Christian Church, Bellevue, WA

Resources for Church Services

Sermon Outlines

A four-week series of sermon outlines, on the topics of Worship Fully, Spend Less, Give More, and Love All.



Download a customizable PowerPoint with Advent Conspiracy and IJM details.


Bulletin Insert

Use this bulletin insert to inform your congregation.


IJM Videos

Tell the stories of survivors of violence using IJM videos.


Resources to Give Rescue and “Love All”

Holiday Gift Catalog

Members of your congregation can give gifts in honor of someone they love – and help someone around the world.


Fundraising Tool

Create a custom online fundraising page for your church. Set a goal, and together, raise funds to provide rescue for others around the world!


Mailing a Christmas offering?

Send to IJM, PO Box 96961, Washington, DC 20090, and be sure to include a note about Advent Conspiracy.

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Order them here.