The two-year trial is one of the fastest for IJM Manila, and it reflects a serious commitment from the judge to keep the hearings on track so that the child sexual assault case would reach a swift conclusion.
MANILA, THE PHILIPPINES – Two men were convicted this week in Manila and sentenced to at least 20 years in prison for raping a young girl named Gwen.* The assaults started when Gwen was 9 years old and lasted a few years.
With less than a week before the 2014 Super Bowl, IJM is applauding efforts by local authorities to combat sex trafficking before the game.
Ajita said she had been promised a job in a garment factory, then drugged and trafficked from her South Indian state to the bustling city of Mumbai.
MUMBAI, INDIA – In their first anti-trafficking operation of the year, IJM Mumbai helped police rescue two young women from one of the oldest and most notorious red-light districts in India.
The massage parlor that was ordered closed after IJM assisted police with an anti-trafficking operation
PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA – IJM assisted police with an anti-trafficking operation at a massage parlor on January 20, 2014.
Property Grabbing Prevention Police Desk Officer Namubagwe at her new desk provided by IJM
KAMPALA, UGANDA – For the first time in its history, Uganda's police force has deployed a specialized team of investigators with the resources, training and mandate to respond to property grabbing crimes.
IJM worked with Kenyan police to find and arrest a school guard who raped 9-year-old Nasimiyu.
NAIROBI, KENYA – Nine-year-old Nasimiyu* was waiting patiently in an empty classroom for her aunt to pick her up after school, just like any normal afternoon.
The justice system in Bolivia is broken and so slow-moving that a man who sexually assaults a child in Bolivia is more likely to die slipping in the shower than to go to jail for the crime.
LA PAZ, BOLIVIA – A three-year legal battle finally ended on Friday when a man was convicted and sentenced to fifteen years in prison for sexually assaulting his stepdaughter.
After the court ruled, Margaret (far right) said, "We feel so happy because IJM did for us what we did not expect."
KAMPALA, UGANDA – On Friday, justice was delivered in a landmark case for Margaret and her sisters. Her deceptive half-brother was found guilty for stealing their land and was sentenced to 26 months in prison—the longest sentence ever in an IJM Uganda case.
One of the boys helps gather his family’s meager belongings from a temporary shelter where they had been living. The families were forced to move from forest to forest to cut and chop wood, making it impossible for children to stay in school.
CHENNAI, INDIA – In the last weeks of 2013, rescue finally came to families who had been forced to live and work as slaves for up to three years chopping trees.
IJM helped police rescue two girls being trafficked for sex on New Year's Eve from a bustling train station.
KOLKATA, INDIA – In the final operation of the year, IJM helped police rescue two girls on New Year's Eve from a bustling train station. It was the fifth attempt in three weeks to thwart traffickers using train stations as exchanges to buy and sell girls.