Sex Trafficking

Charito's Story: A Sex Trafficking Survivor Dedicated to Serving Others

Charito* is a strong young woman, known for her quick smile and bright eyes by her friends and the IJM social workers who have walked with her for many years. She is also known for her perseverance and hard work. Today Charito is finishing up her social work degree, eager to graduate from college so she can help others.

'I never thought it would happen to me.'

Specialized Law Enforcement Better Equipped to Fight Sex Trafficking in the Philippines

MANILA, THE PHILIPPINES – IJM has been working with law enforcement in the Philippines to fight sex trafficking since 2001. Building on the expertise developed over the past decade of casework, IJM now regularly spearheads and organizes workshops for Filipino law enforcement officers to equip these men and women who serve as the frontline defense that vulnerable children need.

IJM Kolkata: Sex Trafficking Survivors Leads Team to Rescue More Girls

KOLKATA, INDIA – Earlier this month, IJM and police worked together on a complex operation to rescue three girls who were being sold for sex. The rescue team went to four different locations to find three different suspects—a remarkable demonstration of close coordination and effective collaboration.

But even more amazing was the courageous young woman named Sarika* who made the operation possible in the first place—just a few weeks earlier, Sarika was being sold for sex in a Kolkata brothel. After she was rescued, she told IJM she wanted to help rescue others.

IJM Cebu Helps Rescue Sisters Being Sexually Abused in Videos Broadcasted Online

CEBU, THE PHILIPPINES – IJM helped anti-trafficking police rescue three sisters—the youngest only 2 years old—from their home, where they were being sexually abused in videos broadcasted online. The police arrested and charged the mother and father under the Philippines' anti-trafficking law.

Investigation Reveals Siblings Being Exploited in Their Own Home