South Asia

Brave Trafficking Survivor Leads IJM, Mumbai Police To Find Girls Trapped In Brothel

MUMBAI, INDIA – Sani* knows what it is like to be trapped, literally trapped, in darkness.

Sani was trafficked and sold to a brothel in Mumbai's massive red-light district, where she was sold to men and raped, night after night. She was hidden behind locked doors and in secret compartments where she wouldn't be found unless she was "needed."

IJM Bangalore: After 13 Years In Slavery, Families Freed From Brutal Rock Quarry

BANGALORE, INDIA – Yesterday, 19 people were rescued from a brutal rock quarry. They had been trapped there for 13 years, confined to live and work in miserable conditions. The manual labor was intense and exhausting. They were not allowed to leave the quarry, and several women even had to give birth in dirty sheds in the quarry compound. They were slaves in every sense of the word.

IJM Chennai Helps Rescue Malnourished, Mistreated Families From Slavery In A Rice Mill

CHENNAI, INDIA – Yesterday, eight people were set free from a life of slavery. The three adults had been enslaved in the rice mill for up to six years, and the four children and an infant had grown up there. Many were sick and malnourished, and the children's bloated bellies protruded from threadbare clothing.

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