South Asia

IJM Helped Rescue Families In India: Slaves Worked 18-Hour Days, Slept Beside Pigs

CHENNAI, INDIA – Late last week, nearly 90 people were rescued from a life of slavery in Bihar, a northern state and one of the poorest in India. The families – including about 40 children – were forced to stay inside the brick factory at all times. A barbed-wire fence twisted around the factory, but the most effective tactic keeping them enslaved was fear.

IJM Mumbai: "No More Oppression In This Brothel" After Two Traffickers Convicted, Brothel Closed

MUMBAI, INDIA – Late last week a brothel owner and manager were convicted and sentenced to prison for trafficking crimes, and the brothel where they once sold and exploited girls for sex was ordered closed. IJM Mumbai Director of Legal Michelle Mendonca has supported the public prosecutors and police on the case over the last three years, and she said the ruling means that "the girls are free, and the perpetrators know that justice for the poor is possible."

Families Enslaved in Indian Brick Factory Were Exhausted, Malnourished When Rescued

CHENNAI, INDIA – Four families were rescued from a brick kiln where they were held as slaves and forced to work up to 14 hours a day. At night they slept out in the open; tents made from old plastic and dry leaves kept their cooking pots and clothing dry. Eleven children lived with their parents inside the brick kiln, and most were forced to work just like the adults. All of them said the owner of the factory had forced them to drop out of school.

What Slavery Looks Like

IJM Kolkata, Police Rescue Bangladeshi Girls Just In Time

KOLKATA, INDIA – When IJM Kolkata got the call from the city police after business hours on May 8, the team knew they had to mobilize quickly: Alleged traffickers were traveling through India by public bus with two girls from Bangladesh. If they moved fast enough, there was a chance they could rescue the girls before the traffickers had the opportunity to sell them.