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Two Dozen Rescued with New IJM Partner, in New State

Together we freed 24 people from a brick kiln, including 11 children.

He Used Social Media to Advertise Girls: Now They're...

A man who was apparently using social media to advertise young women for sexual...

76-year-old American Man Arrested, Sisters Now Safe

The American man who was abusing three girls, 9, 10 and 13 years old, was arrested and...

Apr 29  •  @IJM Read Belinda's powerful story of courage. Girls like her are in desperate need of rescue.
Apr 29  •  @IJM YESTERDAY: In a heartbreaking rescue, 5 children are now free. The youngest was not yet one years old.
Apr 29  •  @IJM ICYMI: This month Rescued Families Return Home as Kiln Owner Faces Charges
Apr 29  •  @IJM "God's river of justice is beginning to overflow..." - Ezeziel 47:12 from #gpg16
Apr 29  •  @IJM Breaking News: The youngest survivor we’ve ever met is now safe from cybersex trafficking!
Apr 28  •  @IJM BREAKING NEWS: Five victims—the youngest a baby less than a year old— are now safe!
Apr 28  •  @IJM ICYMI: This month 76-year-old American Man Arrested, Sisters Now Safe
Apr 28  •  @IJM God's heart burns for slavery's end and for those who are captive to be set free. - Sharon Cohn Wu #gpg16
Apr 28  •  @IJM From this year's Global Prayer Gathering with words from #GPG16
Apr 28  •  @IJM RT Thrilled to do Reps for Rescue fundraiser for w/ #Crossfit champ this Sat. Sponsor or come cheer! /…