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Ten Rescued from Grueling Rock Quarry, Including Kids Born...

IJM-trained government officials working on the case were deeply moved by the harsh...

Three Rescued in Kolkata Red-Light District

One victim shared in detail how she was trafficked from Bangladesh.

IJM Kenya Marks First-Ever Conviction in Police Abuse of...

A Kenyan police officer was found guilty of manslaughter for violently killing an...

May 25  •  @IJM  talks about #slavery on series with and t.co/4Dji2K5wEz
May 25  •  @IJM We come boldly before God to see an end to cybersex trafficking of children in the Philippines. Sam Inocencio #gpg16 t.co/SIuYySeJxp
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May 24  •  @IJM "No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another." - Charles Dickens
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May 24  •  @IJM Dualed with skills in web development and CRM implementation? We should talk. t.co/hkRXy5utnJ
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May 23  •  @IJM A child like Mamtha shouldn’t have to fear a future of being owned by someone. Thank you for your help in saving her t.co/eq0C53H6y3