Cambodia was once viewed by many as “ground zero” for the commercial exploitation of children, but fierce effort and collaboration has changed that story.
The heartbreaking picture of young girls being sold openly is no longer today's Cambodia.
MUMBAI, INDIA – Four girls as young as 10 were rescued last week from a moving train headed hundreds of miles away from their home to Mumbai. Police and IJM staff flooded busy train platforms to rescue the girls.
Children in IJM's aftercare program participate in the "Super Day of Joy."
This week International Justice Mission celebrates a decade combating sexual violence in Guatemala.
By training police and social workers, operations go more smoothly, victims are treated better, and better evidence is gathered that can help bring more criminals to justice.
MUMBAI, INDIA – It was just after midnight when the rescue was complete.  IJM had assisted with an anti-trafficking operation in Kamathipura, Mumbai’s largest red-light district. It was a fast and well-executed operation, leading to freedom for two young women.
Authorities safely escort children to a temporary shelter where they received care and shared their stories.
CEBU, THE PHILIPPINES – A bulky desktop computer sits unplugged on the table in a police station. It looks harmless. But it’s not. It was once used to sell children as young as 2 years old for cybersex in the Philippines.
We share joy with Miranda* because she obtained justice against the man who exploited her.
SANTO DOMINGO, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC-- Yesterday, a criminal was found guilty and sentenced in the Dominican Republic for the commercial sexual exploitation of a teenage girl.
The families were forced to stand knee-high salt water for hours harvesting 6-9” centipede worms from blocks of clay found in the water.
Written by Sanjay Sojwal, IJM Director of Field Communications, who is in India on assignment. 
A street in Chiang Mai. The victims included young teenage boys living on the streets.
CHIANG MAI, THAILAND — An American man is behind bars and facing charges for exploiting and abusing young teenage boys living on the city’s streets. In Thailand, he faces trafficking and sexual assault charges, and he may face additional charges abroad.
Cindi Wolk was rocked by stories of girls sold into the sex trade. "I just looked out that window and said, 'What can I do?'"
Seven years ago, Cindi Wolk sat in her sunny Tennessee kitchen, laid her head on the hardwood table and sobbed.
The legal team, contract advocates and public prosecutor outside of the court where most of the recent convictions took place.
KOLKATA, INDIA — A life-changing moment took place in Kolkata just a few weeks ago: Four traffickers were convicted for crimes exactly four years after IJM helped rescue 10 young women from commercial sexual exploitation.