Undercover footage from one of Nakul Bera's brothels.
KOLKATA, INDIA – Seven years ago, Nakul Bera thought he was invincible. He ran two brothels with nearly 50 young women he had trafficked into a port town three hours outside Kolkata.
A young child mixes mud to make bricks just before IJM and the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit (AHTU) showed up at a brick kiln near Bangalore to free 25 bonded laborers.
BANGALORE, INDIA – Twenty-five people are now free thanks to an IJM-assisted operation on February 18. Held in forced labor slavery in a brick factory near Bangalore, the families were denied any opportunity to leave–even for medical aid.
PAMPANGA, THE PHIILIPPINES – A handwritten sign is still taped to the bar door: Gentlemen it’s time to close, it’s hotel and motel time. The message may be the last one the bar owners are able to post.
Massive rescue signals paradigm shift among government leaders in India.
CHENNAI, INDIA – More than three hundred people are waking up today in freedom. This time last week they were up before sunrise making bricks that would be sold for another’s profit.
An IJM social worker holds a release certificate and helps explain what this means for the families rescued from slavery in a rice mill. These legal documents issued by the government emancipate the holder and entitle him or her to additional protection and benefits.
CHENNAI, INDIA – Last month, a desperate father escaped from a rice mill to get medical help for his 2-year-old son with a heart condition. Because a government official heard his story and took action, three families are now free from forced labor slavery.
Boys rescued from a rose farm.
WASHINGTON, DC – This Valentine's Day, as millions purchase roses to give to loved ones, International Justice Mission is reminding buyers that there is a darker side to some of our most basic purchases, including roses.
Pictured left to right at the British High Commission: Esther Njuguna-Muigai (IJM Kenya Senior Aftercare Specialist), Joan Ngaruiya (IJM Kenya contract counselor), Dr. Christian Turner (British Ambassador to Kenya), Leah Awour (IJM Kenya Advocate), Solomon Mathenge (IJM Kenya contract counselor)
NAIROBI, KENYA – In December 2014, a British court convicted Simon Harris for sexually abusing Kenyan street boys and possessing indecent images of children. He had been working as the director of a children’s charity in a rural Kenyan community.
The streets of this red-light area are always crowded and filled with people shopping and doing business.
KOLKATA, INDIA – Six young women trafficked from Nepal into India were set free from multiple brothels in a single night last week. IJM joined an entire police department and three other NGOs on the complex operation in the city’s largest red-light area.
The IJM Kenya team celebrates freedom with Collins
NAIROBI, KENYA – Today in Kenya, two men framed for stealing a police officer’s radio were finally declared innocent. The battle in court has taken two years.
The elementary school where a principal was found guilty for sexually abusing fifth-grade boys.
GUATEMALA CITY – An elementary school principal has been sentenced to nearly 90 years in prison for sexually assaulting seven fifth-grade boys under his care. The verdict was announced on December 29, 2014, and it brought IJM’s 200th trial to a close in Guatemala.