Many hill tribe people came dressed in their finest clothing to celebrate in Muang Na. These Akha women they have waited over 20 years for this moment.
CHIANG MAI, THAILAND -- Today in the United States, we celebrate Citizenship Day. It’s a day to remember the creation of the Constitution and to celebrate the blessings of liberty that all citizens are meant to enjoy.
Ariyalur District: Hundreds of people from India’s scheduled castes and scheduled tribes--formerly called Dalits--gathered in the town’s main square to watch the play and learn about forced labor slavery.
CHENNAI, INDIA – The beat of the parai drum fills the  humid air in a small South Indian village. The sun is setting, and a crowd of curious people gathers to watch a lively play.  
IJM Manila has been working with local authorities to protect children from sexual violence since 2001.
MANILA, THE PHILIPPINES – After four years in trial, two traffickers have been convicted and sentenced to life in prison for trafficking, thanks in part to the testimony of Jolie,* who they trafficked when she was just 15 years old.
This bar was ordered permanently closed just two months after Mutya and the other girls were rescued in December 2013. Seven months later, two of the bar’s employees were convicted of qualified trafficking for their crimes.
MANILA, THE PHILIPPINES – This month, three young women in the Philippines were honored through a local court’s ruling: The man and woman who had trafficked them were convicted for exploiting the girls in a bar that operated as a brothel.
The landmark agreement authorizes IJM to provide critical trainings for the Guatemalan National Police. The parties that signed, from left to right: Attorney General Thelma Esperanza Aldana Hernández, IJM President Gary Haugen, Vice President Roxana Baldetti, Minister of Interior Mauricio López Bonilla, and IJM Guatemala Field Office Director Brad Twedt.
GUATEMALA CITY – The Vice President of Guatemala, IJM President Gary Haugen, and other top Guatemalan officials signed an historic agreement on August 12, which will allow IJM to train Guatemalan national police on protecting children from sexual assault.
Lana, pictured at home. Her family has been incredibly supportive throughout the four-month trial that ended this week. The man who sexually abused her in March 2014 has been sentenced to twenty years in prison.
LA PAZ, BOLIVIA – Earlier this year, 7-year-old Lana* and her brother went with their mother to have lunch at a friend’s house. While the mothers took a walk around the neighborhood, the friend’s uncle agreed to watch the children.
Four boys between 9 and 15 were held as slaves on this rose farm. When IJM presented evidence of slavery, local authorities responded quickly and took proactive steps to ensure these boys can grow up in freedom.
BANGALORE, INDIA – Four boys were rescued from slavery on a rose farm located just a few hours from the highly industrialized city of Bangalore. Two of the boys are brothers, and they had been trapped for five years. The youngest was only 9 years old.
The iron gate leading to the brothel where half a dozen young women were being trafficked and exploited for sex.
MUMBAI, INDIA – IJM helped rescue half a dozen young women from an abusive brothel—including one young woman who said she hadn’t seen sunlight for three months. Rescue Comes Swiftly
IJM Manila Field Office Director Sam Inocencio stands in front of the building that used to house the two-story bar where girls were exploited for sex. Today, a restaurant, gym and church occupy the space.
MANILA, THE PHILIPPINES – This week, five men and women were convicted for trafficking girls and selling them for sex out of a Manila bar. It has been a multi-year battle for justice to bring the bar owner and his accomplices to justice.
Wanda, pictured left, with her sister. Wanda says her favorite classes at school are Science and Physical Education.
LA PAZ, BOLIVIA – The Bolivian courts just began a 21-day recess, pausing all hearings and regular court proceedings.  For families waiting for justice, these three weeks can feel like an eternity.