Derek* says he was brutally beaten by a powerful police officer near his modest Nairobi home. The officer hid for 2 years until being arrested in August 2014.
NAIROBI, KENYA – More than two years after Derek* felt the pain of a police officer’s metal rod across his body, the high-ranking officer who allegedly beat him was finally arrested for his crimes and will stand trial later this year.
IJM lawyer Vanessa returns to the Bolivia office to tell the rest of the team that the perpetrator was convicted.
LA PAZ, BOLIVIA – A three-and-a-half- year trial ended this month in Bolivia with justice for a little girl named Mona.* The trial lasted more than half the length of Mona’s lifetime, and the verdict closes a very painful chapter for her family.
Rowena (left) told the crowd: “I became a strong woman to face my problems in life and achieve my dreams and have a direction and plan for my future.”
MANILA, THE PHILIPPINES – College students around the world are serious about ending modern-day slavery in their lifetime.
SANTO DOMINGO, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – For a young teen named Clarisa* and her family, the fact that two men are in prison facing sex trafficking charges brings a sense of safety that seemed unimaginable just a few weeks ago.
GUATEMALA CITY, GUATEMALA – IJM has been working alongside local authorities in Guatemala since 2005. We have helped rescue more than 250 children from sexual violence, and we've secured convictions against more than 200 rapists and violent criminals.
IJM helped authorities rescue 16 people from a life of slavery in India.
DELHI, INDIA – The smell of burnt charcoal clings to Kalappa’s* skin as he speaks. He raises his eyes and looks at the government official standing in front of him. “If you hadn’t rescued me, I would have died,” Kalappa says.
The first two attempts to rescue young women from this brothel were tipped off and failed.
KOLKATA, INDIA – After more than 40 hours of waiting and two failed attempts, IJM helped police rescue 14 young women from sex trafficking in a roadside brothel, where they had been trapped in squalor and violence.
Inside the karaoke bar, after the young women were brought out and into safety.
PAMPANGA, THE PHILIPPINES – In just one week, IJM helped police rescue 17 girls and young women from four different bars in the Philippines. The team of IJM staff worked around the clock—nearly 100 hours—on the back-to-back operations.
IJM will help lead seminars for women and their families on legal rights. Krochet Kids empowers women through training and job opportunities in Gulu, Uganda.
GULU, UGANDA – As temperatures begin to cool and shoppers start looking for fashionable winter wear, many may not know that some popular name brand items are being made by widows in Uganda who are crocheting thousands of beanies and gloves to rebuild their lives.
IJM staff and police searched the brothel for 45 minutes until they found this hidden crawlspace.
MUMBAI, INDIA – Getting inside the brothel is the first challenge: A manager sits outside a locked gate and screens customers. When the creaky gate collapses open, a thick curtain blocks anyone from seeing inside