In theory, everyone – except for pedophiles, brothel owners, and pimps – agrees that children must not be in the sex industry and that those who prey on them should be prosecuted and punished.
KAMPALA, Uganda – On September 3, 2009, Ugandan widow Joyce was vindicated in court, as the two perpetrators responsible for illegally seizing her home and property from her in the aftermath of her husband’s death were found guilty of their crimes.
CHENNAI, INDIA – In most of its cases on behalf of victims of forced labor slavery, IJM works with public prosecutors to bring slave owners to justice.
GUATEMALA CITY - On July 8, 2009, IJM Guatemala successfully coordinated a long-awaited arrest, taking another step toward justice in the case of a young client.
MANILA, THE PHILIPPINES - This July, after nine years of persistent advocacy, IJM Manila secured the conviction of the man who brutally sexually assaulted IJM client Alina* when she was 11. He now faces a sentence of six to 12 years in prison.
MUMBAI - On the night she was supposed to be raped for the first time, young sex trafficking victim Lona* was plucked from the brink of initiation into a life of forced prostitution by police officials working with International Justice Mission in Mumbai.
IJM President Gary Haugen received honors from two top law schools for his commitment to serving the oppressed and contributions to the field of law. He delivered commencement addresses to the graduating law classes of both schools this summer.
NAIROBI, KENYA – IJM Kenya client Bernard* was released from a Nairobi prison on July 20, 2009. He is now home with family for the first time in almost a year, after being imprisoned on false charges.
NAVI MUMBAI, INDIA — Five girls have been rescued from men attempting to traffic them into prostitution, thanks to a partnership between the Navi Mumbai police and International Justice Mission Mumbai.
IJM has partnered with human rights organization Paz y Esperanza (Peace and Hope) in their casework on behalf of impoverished victims of violent oppression in Peru since 2002.