INDIA – On February 28, IJM assisted the local government in a surprise operation at two farms suspected of holding an elderly man and several boys in forced labor. The boys had been purchased, in effect, by the owners of the farm, who advanced cash to their parents.
A perpetrator in an illegal land and property seizure case has been convicted and is currently serving six months in jail for his role in violently stealing the home of an elderly female relative after her husband’s death.
In a landmark conviction in India, a man guilty of holding six people in slavery has been sentenced to one year in prison and assessed a fine of 900 rupees.
Tomaida, the eldest of three siblings, had recently married and was living with her husband when her mother passed away.
An IJM investigation in conjunction with local police has prompted the arrest of an American for his abuse of a minor in the Philippines.
Without the good will and action of government officials, IJM could not serve those who urgently need an advocate. In India, a recent intervention in a salt mine again illustrated the impact of government officials of integrity who serve the poor in their jurisdictions.
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