IJM Guatemala helped the boys enroll in another soccer league, where they were able to play the game they love, form healthy friendships and rebuild trust with new coaches.
GUATEMALA CITY – A man who offered private soccer lessons to young children was convicted in late May and sentenced to 111 years in prison for sexually abusing five boys and girls. Four of the children were siblings, including 8-year-old twin girls and two brothers, 6 and 15.
On June 3, one day after Telengana became India's 29th state, officials led an operation to rescue 179 from a life of slavery.
DELHI, INDIA – Yesterday, IJM helped bring freedom to 179 who had been trapped in a life of slavery inside an oppressive brick factory in India.
Zakayo was heading home to his family on a normal day in 2010, but ended up shot by police and charged with a violent crime he never committed.
NAIROBI, KENYA – With a single gunshot, Zakayo’s life changed forever. Just minutes before, the young father had climbed into a crowded bus at the end of a long workday in Nairobi. His wife, Joyce, and four children were waiting at home.
Customers could pay to take a girl into this “VIP room” above the bar.
MANILA, THE PHILIPPINES – Last month, the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) rescued young women from a three-story video-karaoke bar, including one 16-year-old girl.
A bar on Fields Avenue in Pampanga, the Philippines
PAMPANGA, THE PHILIPPINES – After more than a year of searching, IJM helped police locate and arrest a woman who had tried to sell young teens to an American man, without realizing she was talking to a news reporter and cameras were rolling.
Watch Griselda's story:
GUATEMALA CITY – Griselda* was walking home with her mother and brother from a Mother’s Day celebration at church. Suddenly, a blue car cut in front of the family. A man jumped out, grabbed 13-year-old Griselda, and sped away.
The chief officer of the Siem Reap anti-human trafficking police unit instructs the group on how to report crimes locally.
SIEM REAP, CAMBODIA – For the first time, pastors and police joined together in one of Cambodia’s Northern provinces to discuss human trafficking.
IJM Rwanda seeks justice for children who have endured sexual assault, making sure they can heal and that their abusers are held accountable.
KIGALI, RWANDA – At 15 years old, Rochelle* had already experienced plenty of hardship in her young life: She was born without the ability to speak as well as a slight mental disability, and became an orphan at a young age.
"Australia has an incredibly important role to play." - IJM Manila's Sam Inocencio, updating new supporters on IJM's work at an IJM Australia launch event
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - This week, IJM is celebrating the launch of  the newest IJM Partner Office, IJM Australia—a major milestone in the global justice movement.
The teacher who sexually assaulted Luti was convicted in 2008. He appealed the conviction, and despite strong DNA evidence that he fathered Luti’s child, the case dragged on for five more years, until the Supreme Court finally upheld the ruling. (Luti pictured with her baby).
LA PAZ, BOLIVIA – All around the world, school is a place of learning and dreaming. It’s a place where children can reach for opportunities that could alter a family’s future forever.