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This September only, when you become a Freedom Partner, your monthly gifts of $24 or more will be doubled for an entire year by generous friends—up to $500,000!

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Now is the very best time to join the fight to end slavery.

You can send twice the rescue by giving $24 or more every month. You will not only rescue slaves—you will also walk with them until they are fully restored. And today, you can have twice the impact.

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When you become a Freedom Partner, you:

  • Deliver Justice

    You make it possible for lawyers to represent young Bolivian girls in court for free, giving them encouragement as they testify against their abuser.

  • Free Slaves

    You make sure families enslaved at abusive brick kilns in India sleep peacefully in freedom for the first time in generations while their captors face justice.

  • Send Rescue

    And in Ghana, thousands of boys under the age of 10 trapped in slavery finally have someone brave and persistent enough to look for them.

None of this could happen without Freedom Partners.

With your help, the girls in Bolivia will return to school. The family from India will find healing and empowering work. The boys from Ghana will laugh and play soccer together. With your help, futures full of freedom are possible.

Become a Freedom Partner today and double your gift for an entire year!

Become a Freedom Partner this month and see your gifts doubled for an entire year, up to 500,000!

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