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Freedom Sunday

What does Freedom Sunday look like?

Freedom Sunday will look a little different at every church, but each event will have these three things in common.

  • Promotion

    In the weeks leading up to September 24, use IJM promotional materials from the resources kit to share about Freedom Sunday at your church.

  • Sermon

    On Freedom Sunday, share about the problem of slavery in the sermon, using as much IJM material as you want.

  • Invitation

    After the sermon, invite the congregation to join the fight by becoming Freedom Partners, who commit to use their prayers, voice of advocacy and gifts of $24 or more each month to fight with IJM. Visit

Church Resources

Download IJM resources to help your Freedom Sunday be successful.
Find everything from sermon illustrations to PowerPoint slides to promotional posters here.

Sermon Resources

Everything you need to help organize your Freedom Sunday worship service

Promotional Material

Get the word out about Freedom Sunday with these materials.

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Volunteer Resources

Download our complete guide on how to talk to your church leader and ask to host a Freedom Sunday. This guide includes compelling data about the reality of slavery, suggestions for raising the issue to your pastor, and guidance for asking your church to stand against slavery by participating in Freedom Sunday.


Here’s everything you need to get your church on board with Freedom Sunday.