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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the culture like at IJM?
What is the office attire?
How many people work for IJM?
Does IJM provide benefits to employees?
What is the interview process?
May I schedule an informational interview?
Will I receive notification of the status of my application?
Why does IJM require applicants to submit a Statement of Faith?
What is a Statement of Faith?
Are non-U.S. citizens eligible for U.S.-based positions?
If I have previously applied for a job, should I re-submit my application for new positions?
Do I need to submit a separate application for each position of interest?
Are you still receiving applications for all positions posted on the website?
To whom should I address my application?
You are a faith-based organization. What does that mean?
Can I interview an IJM staff member?
Do American attorneys represent clients in court overseas?
I am an attorney and would like to help with the work of IJM. What can I do?
What happens to a victim of violence after IJM intervenes in their case?
Where does IJM work?
What does IJM mean by "collaborative casework"?
What is IJM's relationship with local governments and NGOs?
Why is IJM not active in all countries where human rights abuses occur?
Does IJM take cases in the United States?
How do I change the credit card or bank account for my monthly gift?
How do I cancel my gift?
How do I change the amount of my gift?
May I give a gift of less than $24 a month and still be considered a Freedom Partner?
Can I give via check each month?
Can I set up an electronic bill pay through my bank?
I am already giving monthly to IJM. Do I automatically become a Freedom Partner?
If I am a Freedom Partner, can my company match my gifts?
If my company donates to IJM, can IJM's website link to my company's web site?
Do you accept Matching Gifts from companies?
How can I obtain a copy of IJM’s financial statements?
How do I change the credit card or bank account for my monthly gift?
How do I cancel my monthly gift?
How do I update the amount of my monthly gift?
Does IJM participate in the CFC program?
How do I obtain a copy of IJM’s W-9 or 501(c)3 letter?
What is the federal taxpayer ID number for IJM?
How do I ensure you are investing my support wisely?
Where do you get your funding?
How can I help raise money for IJM?
Will I receive a receipt?
Is my gift tax-deductible?
Where can I mail a check?
What are the estimated costs of living in D.C.?
Does IJM provide housing for D.C. Interns?
Can I fundraise to pay for the costs of a D.C. IJM internship?
Does IJM provide stipends or scholarships for interns in D.C.?
Who will supervise me during my internship?
What hours do interns and fellows work?
What is the dress code at the D.C. headquarters?
Is there a minimum age for the D.C. internships?
Do D.C. interns have to be current students?
Is there a minimum age for the field office programs?
Can I fundraise to pay for the costs of a field office IJM program?
Does IJM provide stipends or scholarships for interns and fellows at field offices?
What is the dress code at IJM’s field offices?
Do I need any prior experience or related coursework in human rights or international law?
When will I know what country will be my assignment?
Where are the IJM offices located?
Does IJM have an early decision process?
What if I want to apply for more than one type of internship at the same time?
Does IJM help secure visas for field office internships or fellowships?
Do you accept applications from nations outside the United States or is the program for US citizens only?
What are the application requirements if I have previously applied for an IJM internship?
To whom should I address my application?
Does IJM accept married couples as interns and fellows?
Can I serve with IJM after I take the bar and before I start at my law firm?
Do I have to be currently enrolled in law school for the legal internships?
What if I have to start later or end earlier than the session dates?
If I am selected for an IJM field office internship or fellowship position, will this allow me to have direct contact in counseling victims of sex trafficking, slavery and other forms of oppression?
Does IJM only select interns who are law students or have an interest in attending law school?
What is the difference between an "internship" and a "fellowship"?
Where is the IJM office located?
You Can Send Rescue Today.

Give a gift today and be a last minute responder for a child in need of rescue or a social worker holding the hands of a now-free mother.

You can make the most impact as a Freedom Partner today.

By making a monthly commitment of $24 or more, you’re taking a stand to protect the poor from violence around the world. From last-minute rescues through critical aftercare, your faithful support helps us defend children and families in need—no matter how long justice takes.


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