Defend the Innocent

“IJM exists to protect the poor from violence, and Willie’s life was taken while courageously pursuing that mission.”—Gary Haugen, IJM CEO

Tens of thousands of people across the world mourned with us this year when human rights lawyer and IJM investigator Willie Kimani, IJM client Josephat Mwenda, and their taxi driver, Joseph Muiruri were abducted in Nairobi, Kenya. For a week, we earnestly sought their release from captivity, and were devastated when their bodies washed up on the shore of a nearby river.

This work is dangerous. The powers that seek to prey upon the dignity and resolve of the weak must answer for their crimes, and we will not stop pursuing justice until it is secured—in Kenya and across the world.

Four officers from Kenya’s Administration Police have been arrested for their involvement in the abduction and murder of these men, and IJM is working with police to continue investigations of additional suspects in these senseless murders.

Unfortunately, this blatant abuse is all too common for millions of Kenyans. With IJM’s help, Kenyans are finding their voice as they fight against the corrupt and powerful forces that hold them in fear.

Your gifts will defend the innocent from police abuse and help them start a new life.