Defend Widows and Orphans

“If IJM had stopped working with me, I wouldn’t be the way I am today. If it wasn’t for IJM, I would have lost hope.”

Sauda is a smart and industrious woman who lives in Uganda. She provides for her family by diligently farming her land, raising chickens, and collects rent from tenants on her property. But when Sauda’s husband died, her stepson showed up at her door with the preposterous claim that he now owned her home and the land it was built on. When Sauda approached the authorities, she soon learned that her stepson had bribed the police to take his side.

Sauda realized that if her stepson took her land away from her, she would be homeless, and all her hard work to support her family would go to waste. That’s when IJM stepped in.

We appealed on Sauda’s behalf and she was declared the rightful owner of her land. Without our help, she would have had to settle for a compromise, but now she is happily earning a living and supporting her family with the money she makes from her farm.

Your gifts will defend widows and orphans from land theft and help them start a new life.