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A Tool for Students

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Did You Know Slavery Is Still A Problem?

But You Can Make a Difference!

Help GiveChange to millions of people by raising money to end slavery.

Here’s a few ideas from other students:

  • Everyone has loose change hanging around—under the sofa cushions, in your car, or in your desk drawer. Collect your loose change to give change!
  • Give your grade. In 7th grade? Ask friends and family to give $7.
  • Host a bake sale or lemonade stand in your neighborhood.
  • Give up sodas for a month and donate what you would have spent to rescue people from slavery.
  • What do you love? Get creative and use your passion to raise funds and end slavery!
  • On your birthday, instead of asking for gifts, donate to help end slavery.
  • Join a race and ask friends to donate $1 for every minute or mile you run.
  • Host a Battle of the Bands concert at your school or church youth group.
  • Turn your school musical into an awareness and fundraising event.
  • Love sports like volleyball or soccer? Host a benefit game. You might also invite teachers or alumni to participate.
  • Ride a bike trail. Raise awareness along the way and ask friends to join you or donate to IJM.

Start Up Your Idea

  1. Get Creative and imagine how you will raise funds. Use one of our ideas or create your own!
  2. Share Your Idea with parents or teachers. If you will be raising funds at your school or church, get their permission (and ask them to join).
  3. Have an idea that involves others? Recruit your friends to join you.
  4. Set a Goal
    1. $40

      1 Aftercare package for a survivor of trafficking

    2. $285

      Freedom training for a family rescued from slavery

    3. $441

      One week of investigations

    4. $6300

      One rescue operation

  5. Rally People to give funds. Share about the reality of slavery and ask people to give to your fundraiser.
  6. Use your passion to raise money to end slavery!
  7. Celebrate! You are bringing freedom, restoration, and dignity to those living in slavery today. Make your donation to IJM and celebrate the impact you are making!

Ready To Get Started?

Download Toolkit

Our generation’s average weekly allowance collectively totals 44 billion dollars each year.*

Imagine how much change we could give to help stop slavery?

How do I collect and send funds?

Set Up a Personal Giving Page

with IJM’s fundraising tool and share the link with family and friends!


Collect Money

at your school, church, or neighborhood with cups or bags. You can print your own #GiveChange sticker for your collection cups or bags.

How to Send Money

  • Mail a Check To

    PO Box 96961
    Washington, DC 20090

    **Write your check to “International Justice Mission” and write “GiveChange” in the memo line.

  • Give by Phone

    Call us at 703.465.5495

  • Donate Online



We’ve put together a few downloadable resources to help you get started in the promotion of your GiveChange campaign!

Who Are We?

International Justice Mission is a global organization that protects the poor from violence—including slavery and trafficking—in the developing world.

Our Work Happens By:

  • Rescue

    Rescuing victims

    Get them out of the place where they’re in danger

  • Restore

    Restoring survivors

    Give them the support and tools they need to heal and thrive

  • Restrain

    Bringing criminals to justice

    Hold slave-owners, traffickers, and criminals accountable in court

  • Represent

    Strengthening justice systems

    Stop violence before it starts by helping strengthen the local justice system

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Students can change the world.
Let’s use our gifts, skills, and talents to change the reality for those living in slavery today—and see an end to slavery in our lifetime!

Brian CressIJM Director of Youth Mobilization