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Freedom Partners give $24 or more every month to rescue the most vulnerable from trafficking and slavery.

Now is the very best time to become a Freedom Partner and join the fight to end slavery. Become a Freedom Partner by September 30 and your monthly gifts of $24 or more will be DOUBLED for an entire year—up to $705,000!

Last year, we helped police with an operation to rescue a 13-year-old girl named Shanti* and three other girls from a private sex trafficking ring. But as soon as the operation began, we learned the girls had been moved to a different location. The operation would have to wait for another day.

A few weeks later, we joined authorities and found Shanti and the girls before they could be sold and raped again. The girls are now safe and IJM is working with the government to walk with them on the road to restoration and to reconnect them with their families.

Freedom Partners made this relentless search and rescue possible

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Roopa, Arul and Lydia lived in fear every day. People like them live every day in fear of brutal slavery and violence. They are slaves in a brick kiln. They are children sold for sex in brothels. They are widows whose land and livelihood is torn away by greedy and violent neighbors.

All of these children, women, and men are waiting for freedom. They’re waiting for justice. They’re waiting for you.

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