Mien was first sold for sex at 14 and endured years of abuse.
We need your help to find and protect other trafficking victims today.


Mien was first sold for sex at 14 and endured years of abuse.We need your help to find and protect other trafficking victims today.


Mien’s nightmare began in her hometown. Her tiny village of Svay Pak was then a notorious hub for Cambodia’s sex trade. Local brothels bought young girls from desperately poor families. And foreign pedophiles flocked into town to buy them for sex.

Mien was only 14 when her family’s money ran out. For her, it meant the worst: She was sold to the brothel.

"I felt scared. Since I was a virgin, the brothel owner waited [to] find a foreign man who would pay a high price to have sex with me."

Mien lost her innocence and, soon after, her hope. From that night onward, she faced daily rape with no one to protect her.

In 2003, we partnered with Cambodian authorities to rescue 37 children from the brothel where Mien was being exploited. Some girls were only 6 years old.

We were thrilled so many children were free...but Mien was not there. She had been hiding from police in fear—and we didn’t find her that night.

We need your help to keep fighting until every child is safe.

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After this critical rescue operation in Svay Pak, Mien’s family moved away, and they sold her to another brothel. She endured four more years under a pimp’s control—desperate for rescue and a better life.

"I felt despair. My life did not have meaning. I did not want to do this anymore."

Our faithful supporters kept us working in Cambodia, and we found Mien again in 2007. This time—we rescued her. We brought her and other girls to shelter in a loving aftercare home.

You helped us bring rescue where it was desperately needed. And you changed Mien’s life forever. She’s been able to begin healing from her trauma, to learn new skills and to find her dignity again. Today she’s a wife and mother, and she’s working diligently as a tailor. She says joyfully, "I thank God for my new life."

Right now, more victims of violence need rescue and restoration.



We have worked alongside Cambodian authorities and other non-profits for more than ten years, and together we’re seeing dramatic shifts in the response to sex trafficking of children in brothels, as well as in the number of children available for commercial sexual exploitation.

Police were once untrained and often unhelpful. Today they lead complex rescues and bring victims to safety. Cambodian courts now convict traffickers regularly, and social services are better equipped to help survivors heal long-term.

As a result, pimps and brothel owners know they cannot exploit children in Cambodia anymore without fear of going to jail—meaning thousands of girls like Mien will never have to be abused.

The fight for freedom continues in so many places around the world, but we are grateful to leaders in Cambodia for taking a stand for justice.

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