Cybersex Trafficking

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Cybersex trafficking is on the rise as internet access increases everywhere.

Now, pedophiles anywhere in the world can direct live sexual abuse of boys and girls hidden in private homes or internet cafes.

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Please note: This is one of the most difficult stories we’ve ever told. The content of this video is troubling and is not suitable for children.

A young boy dreams of being a superhero. But first, he has to escape the evil in his home.

Shut Down Cybersex Trafficking

Your help is needed to end this crime.

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Your help is needed to end this crime.

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What is Cybersex Trafficking?

Cybersex trafficking is the live-streaming sexual abuse of children viewed over the internet. We need your help to rescue these children and stop them from being exploited in the first place.

Cassie’s Story

Cassie moved to Manila when she was 12 with big dreams. What she found there was a nightmare. She was raped and forced to perform sex acts in front of a camera. Until her rescue.