IJM Kampala: Finally Safe from Violence, Harriet Feels “Victorious”

KAMPALA, UGANDA – After her husband died, Harriet and her eight children endured years of abuse from relatives who wanted to steal her home and land.

But today—thanks to collaboration between local police and IJM Kampala—Harriet and her family are safe. Two violent relatives have been arrested, tried and found guilty of their crimes. Her home is secure, and Harriet is overjoyed.

IJM Rwanda: Landmark Conviction Against Man Who Assaulted Naima

KIGALI, RWANDA – Naima* was only 15 years old when a man in her neighborhood befriended her and invited her to his home. She could have never known what would happen next: He forcibly raped her and threatened to kill her if she ever told anyone. Fearing for her life, the girl stayed silent.

A few months later, Naima became sick and—at the hospital with her mother—found out she was pregnant. She bravely confessed what her neighbor had done, and hospital staff called local police and IJM Rwanda to help.

Standing Strong for Children

IJM Kenya Partners with Nairobi Prison to Address Gaps in the System

NAIROBI, KENYA – There is no public defender in Kenya. This means that in nearly all cases, if you cannot afford a lawyer, you will not get one.

For the many impoverished men and women who have been accused of crimes they never committed, the absence of a defender can be devastating.

Last month, IJM Kenya and the Nairobi County Prisons Service signed a historic agreement to help address the legal gaps that have kept too many innocent people trapped in prison.

A Broken and Confusing System

IJM Kenya: Despite Hostile Community, Justice and Healing for Vera

NAIROBI, Kenya – Justice was finally secured for one brave Kenyan girl this week, thanks to her testimony and the relentless determination of local police and IJM staff.

Despite pressure from her community to stay silent, 14-year-old Vera * courageously shared the truth about the man who sexually assaulted her. Now her abuser has been convicted and will face 20 years in prison for his crimes.

A Shocking Assault against a Vulnerable Girl