Uganda: 5 Convictions in One Month - A 'Sea Change' for Vulnerable Communities

KAMPALA, UGANDA – This April, five criminals were convicted in Ugandan courts for stealing land and homes from vulnerable orphans. IJM Uganda worked closely with local police and prosecutors, and now 12 orphans have had their rights to land restored. Several are now adults with their own families.

IJM has beeng helping widows and orphans in Uganda since 2008, but seeing this many strong verdicts in one month is "unprecedented," according to Field Office Director Jesse Rudy, who added that the importance of each conviction "cannot be overstated."

Kenyan Judge Hails "Courageous" Sarah - Gives Maximum Sentence to Abusive Stepfather

NAIROBI, KENYA – Sarah* suffered under her stepfather's terrifying abuse for years—but today she can finally put the awful past behind her. With IJM's help, Sarah and her family are now safe, and the man who sexually and physically abused her has been convicted in a Kenyan court. Today, he begins 20 years in prison.

Unsafe in Her Own Home