IJM Kenya: "Determined" Boy Sees Justice - Man Sent to Prison for Assaulting Him

NAIROBI, KENYA – Wesley* is an incredibly brave young man. In a long trial, he has testified several times about the night he was sexually assaulted by a neighbor. Now, a judge has publicly confirmed what Wesley knew all along: the abuse he suffered was wrong. At last, his attacker has been convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison. 

A Terrible Assault

In the Nairobi slum where Wesley's family lives, homes do not have individual restrooms. Along with hundreds of neighbors, he had to walk – day or night – to a crowded communal toilet.

A Mother Stands Firm And Kenyan Rapist Receives Life In Prison

NAIROBI, KENYA – After a year-long struggle in court, one brave Kenyan mother finally saw justice for her young daughter this week: The man who raped 11-year-old Mumbua* will now spend his life in prison.

It was just days before her eleventh birthday, in December 2011, when Mumbua left her large family's home to buy some milk. On the way to the store, a neighbor called out to Mumbua and quickly caught up to her. He covered her mouth, pulled her away from the road and brutally raped the little girl.

IJM Kenya Enters into Landmark Agreement with the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution

NAIROBI, KENYA – As the year ended, IJM Kenya began a groundbreaking partnership with the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution (ODPP) in Kenya. The ODPP is a newly established government agency that is responsible for all criminal prosecutions in Kenya.

Leading The Reform Movement

On December 21, 2012, IJM Kenya signed a memorandum of understanding with the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution – the first time the agency has entered into a full-length agreement with an NGO.