IJM Zambia: After 16 Years, "Justice Has Finally Prevailed" And Tasiyana Can Go Home

LUSAKA, ZAMBIA – Last week, one judge took a powerful stand for Tasiyana and her siblings. After a year-long trial, the uncle who stole their family’s home and left them penniless was convicted for his crimes. It is the end to a very long battle for justice – a battle that started 16 years ago. 

"This Case Will Pave The Way:" IJM Rwanda Secures 20-Year Conviction

KIGALI, RWANDA – In a precedent-setting case, a Kigali man has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for sexually assaulting a 5-year-old Rwandan girl.

"[This case] will pave the way in many ways," says one of IJM Rwanda's lawyers, James Nuwagaba. He explained that the judge accepted testimonies about the abuse from the child as well as an expert witness – not always the case in Rwandan trials, even though the law allows for testimonies from the victim and expert witnesses like psychologists to stand as evidence.