IJM Rwanda Helps Secure Justice For A 4-Year-Old Girl

KIGALI, RWANDA – Last week, a young man was convicted for sexually assaulting a 4-year-old girl. He had been raised as an adoptive brother to the little girl, making the abuse all the more painful for the family.

The little girl's mother contacted IJM for help. Acting as the family's representative, IJM Rwanda helped police track down the man, who had moved to another province after the assault was discovered. IJM staff also facilitated a medical examination for the girl, who will receive trauma-focused counseling to help her recover from the abuse.

IJM Kenya: After A Year And A Day In Prison, Joseph Is Finally Declared Innocent

NAIROBI, KENYA – Today, after spending exactly one year and one day in prison for a crime he had not committed, Joseph was set free.

Last year, Joseph stepped off a matutu – a mini-bus used for public transportation – and stepped into some kind of public brawl. Suddenly, Joseph was hit by a stone. The next thing he knew, the man who threw the rock was accusing Joseph of stealing his phone. Police nearby overheard, and suddenly the mob turned on Joseph. Joseph still had no idea what was going on.

IJM Kampala: Four Weddings And A Future

MUKONO, UGANDA – Rebecca’s wedding day is one like many woman dream of: beautiful flowers, a packed church and a stunning white dress. This bride is nearly 70, but sits regally in her finery like a woman half her age.

In fact, just two seats down, there is a woman half her age in another white dress. And two more next to her. There are four veils, four bouquets and four grooms smiling by their sides. The four couples stand ready to formalize their marriages all at the same time.