IJM Kenya: Three Innocent Men Released from Prison After 850 Days

NAIROBI, KENYA – After spending over two years in a Nairobi jail – falsely imprisoned for a crime they never committed – Benson, Victor and Francis were finally freed last month.

Two years ago, a police officer was attacked and had his rifle stolen by assailants he could not identify. The other police officers who had been with him at the time of the robbery were determined to save face and quickly report that the crime was solved.

IJM Trains Rwandan Judges and Prosecutors on Best Practices for Child Sexual Assault Cases

KIGALI, RWANDA – This month, IJM Rwanda trained thirty-five Rwandan judges and prosecutors on best practices for handling cases of child sexual assault.

IJM staff led sessions on investigations, evidence collection, forensic interview techniques and the importance of including medical evidence in cases of sexual violence against children. The three-day training was held at the Institute for Legal Practice and Development.