Freed Kenyan Father No Longer Fears Life Imprisonment

NAIROBI, KENYA – With a single gunshot, Zakayo’s life changed forever.

Just minutes before, the young father had climbed into a crowded bus at the end of a long workday in Nairobi. His wife, Joyce, and four children were waiting at home.

But when the bus driver abruptly announced he was raising the fares, passengers around Zakayo began protesting and spilled out angrily to the street. Nearby police fired warning shots to gain control of the crowd, and Zakayo was hit in the leg. He spent the next two and a half months recovering in hospital.

Unable to Testify, Rochelle Finds Justice

KIGALI, RWANDA – At 15 years old, Rochelle* had already experienced plenty of hardship in her young life: She was born without the ability to speak as well as a slight mental disability, and became an orphan at a young age.

Without a voice, Rochelle was left deeply vulnerable. A neighbor took note of her struggles—not to help her, but to harm her.

Preyed Upon Steps from Her Own Home

Here’s How an Arrest Can Happen in Kenya

NAIROBI, KENYA – Verity’s* mother immediately sensed something was wrong. Just home from the market, she found her 7-year-old clutching a small coin, terrified.

Verity bravely shared where she got the money: She said her father raped her that morning and bribed her silence with the coin, and that he threatened to beat her if she spoke out. Even more shocking—she said this was not the first time.

It was any mother’s worst nightmare. She quickly brought Verity to the police and to the hospital, but it would be six long months before the father was arrested.

IJM Rwanda Social Worker’s Story as a Genocide Survivor Helps her Bring Healing to Others

KIGALI, RWANDA – Brigitte takes a deep breath and smiles as she speaks. Always warm and quick to laugh, it’s clear she loves what she does. As a social worker with IJM Rwanda, Brigitte helps children and their families process trauma and find restoration after sexual violence.

“I give all my time to hear their stories. Telling and sharing is part of healing.”