IJM Kenya: Justice Secured for Libby, Now a Young Mom

NAIROBI, KENYA – Libby’s* life was upended when an older relative sexually assaulted her in their impoverished Kenyan community. Though he tried to cover up the attack, Libby bravely testified against him and kept the baby born from the abuse.

This week, Libby’s attacker was convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison. Now, this young mother can build a new, safer life with help from IJM Kenya and her family’s faithful support.

Scared into Silence after Multiple Attacks

Daughter Healing, Life Sentence for Kenyan Father Guilty of Rape

NAIROBI, KENYA – It took great bravery for Stephany* to speak up against her father after a brutal rape, but the young girl's courage has helped to keep her family safe. This week, IJM Kenya helped to secure her father's conviction, and he was sent to prison for life.

After the tough, year-long trial, IJM lawyer Mark Kones said, "The wheels of justice may grind slowly, but they still grind."

Police, IJM Kenya Help Secure Justice for Boy After Shocking Abuse

NAIROBI, KENYA – Pharis was only 13 years old when he survived a terrifying rape by a man he thought was a “Good Samaritan.” But with help from local police and IJM Kenya, he can now live in peace: This week, the man who attacked him was found guilty and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

“This conviction was not only a success for my grandson,” Pharis’ grandmother said joyfully, “but for other boys who could have been abused if [this man] was set free.”

Betrayed by a Stranger