IJM Zambia: Irene Shares Tearful Thanks After 8-Year Legal Battle for Her Land

LUSAKA, ZAMBIA – Irene feared she would never win back the land her uncle stole from her family years ago. But with the support of IJM Zambia and a special friendship with her IJM social worker, Irene is now able to celebrate this week that her rights are finally restored.

Left Struggling by Her Uncle’s Greed

IJM Zambia: Conviction Means Safer Future for Rhona and Her Daughters

LUSAKA, ZAMBIA – Rhona was devastated when a powerful relative stole everything her ex-husband had left to support their two daughters. The theft left her impoverished family struggling for more than a decade on their own—unaided by local authorities—until a team from IJM Zambia came to help.

Last week, Rhona’s 11-year battle for justice finally ended when a local court convicted her sister-in-law for stealing the property that belongs to Rhona and her daughters.

IJM Helps Establish Property Grabbing Prevention Desks in Uganda

KAMPALA, UGANDA – For the first time in its history, Uganda's police force has deployed a specialized team of investigators with the resources, training and mandate to respond to property grabbing crimes. At an event organized by IJM in December 2013, the Ugandan Police Force officially launched six new Property Grabbing Prevention Desks in Mukono District. The desks were resourced by IJM and the Ugandan Police Force and will be manned by IJM-trained investigators.