IJM Kenya Investigations Help Get Justice for a 9-Year-Old Raped at School

NAIROBI, KENYA – Nine-year-old Nasimiyu* was waiting patiently in an empty classroom for her aunt to pick her up after school, just like any normal afternoon.

But, on this day, a man who worked at the school as a guard saw the little girl waiting alone. He sent her to collect something from a storage closet, then followed her inside, locked the door and raped her. After the attack, he disappeared from town.

“Nowhere Else To Turn”

Landmark Property Grabbing Sentence Protects Ugandan Family

KAMPALA, UGANDA – On Friday, justice was delivered in a landmark case for Margaret and her sisters. Her deceptive half-brother was found guilty for stealing their land and was sentenced to 26 months in prison—the longest sentence ever in an IJM Uganda case.

The court's decision concluded years of struggle for the women. After the sentencing, one of Margaret's sisters told IJM, "I am so happy, I cannot express my joy!"

Greed Divides a Family

IJM Kenya: Life Sentence for Stepfather Who Abused Fridah

NAIROBI, KENYA – Fridah* and her family can feel safer, now that her stepfather has been convicted for sexually abusing her. IJM Kenya advocated for 13-year-old Fridah in court and has been supporting her impoverished family since the awful truth about the betrayal and abuse emerged.

When Fridah’s stepfather was convicted Tuesday, her mother told IJM: “My heart has now been made clean. I can begin to heal because I will never see him again.”

Shocking Abuse in Her Own Home

IJM Kenya: After a Shocking Arrest and a Stroke - Evans Is Now Free

NAIROBI, KENYA – Last week, a Kenyan father was finally declared innocent in court after being blamed for a crime he never committed.

The shock of his arrest 18 months ago left Evans partially paralyzed, and left his family struggling to get by. But with support from IJM Kenya, Evans and his family are safe and starting to thrive once again.

Blamed for a Violent Robbery