IJM Kolkata: Our Favorite Day Of Summer Fun

KOLKATA, INDIA – Laughter and the crash of bowling pins tumbling down fills the air. A popular song begins to play, and dozens of girls shout and sing along. It could be an afternoon of fun anywhere in the world, but for the nearly 150 girls gathered in Kolkata, this afternoon is a standout event. The girls, many of them teenagers and some of them young mothers, are sex trafficking survivors.

IJM Kampala: Four Weddings And A Future

MUKONO, UGANDA – Rebecca’s wedding day is one like many woman dream of: beautiful flowers, a packed church and a stunning white dress. This bride is nearly 70, but sits regally in her finery like a woman half her age.

In fact, just two seats down, there is a woman half her age in another white dress. And two more next to her. There are four veils, four bouquets and four grooms smiling by their sides. The four couples stand ready to formalize their marriages all at the same time.

Arjun's Family is Free, but the Battle for Justice Continues

BANGALORE, INDIA – Some IJM clients are nervous to go to court. Not Arjun. The young boy told IJM he wanted to go to court and tell the judge how the owner of the brick kiln where he once lived had beaten his parents. When his family was rescued from slavery three years ago, Arjun was just 8 – but he remembers clearly what his family faced, and he was ready for his voice to be heard.

Growing up in Slavery