IJM Kenya Investigations Help Get Justice for a 9-Year-Old Raped at School

NAIROBI, KENYA – Nine-year-old Nasimiyu* was waiting patiently in an empty classroom for her aunt to pick her up after school, just like any normal afternoon.

But, on this day, a man who worked at the school as a guard saw the little girl waiting alone. He sent her to collect something from a storage closet, then followed her inside, locked the door and raped her. After the attack, he disappeared from town.

“Nowhere Else To Turn”

IJM Bolivia: A Conviction Brings Rosmery Justice and Closure

LA PAZ, BOLIVIA – A three-year legal battle finally ended on Friday when a man was convicted and sentenced to fifteen years in prison for sexually assaulting his stepdaughter. The IJM lawyers who fought relentlessly on behalf of their client Rosmery* celebrated the just ruling because of what it means for her.

"Rosmery knows that her strength is what defines her story—not what happened to her in the past. The conviction in court brings justice and closure to Rosmery," said IJM social worker Jeshika.

Suffering in Silence

IJM Cebu: Six-Year Trial Ends with Justice for Survivors of Sex Trafficking

CEBU, THE PHILIPPINES – Two traffickers were convicted on Friday, December 13, in a small, make-shift courtroom in a nondescript government building—a stand-in for the main courthouse which was damaged in a massive earthquake in Cebu in October.

It was the first judgment in a sex trafficking case since that earthquake and the subsequent Typhoon Haiyan that has devastated the surrounding islands. It was also the end of a six-year legal battle.

IJM Kenya: Life Sentence for Stepfather Who Abused Fridah

NAIROBI, KENYA – Fridah* and her family can feel safer, now that her stepfather has been convicted for sexually abusing her. IJM Kenya advocated for 13-year-old Fridah in court and has been supporting her impoverished family since the awful truth about the betrayal and abuse emerged.

When Fridah’s stepfather was convicted Tuesday, her mother told IJM: “My heart has now been made clean. I can begin to heal because I will never see him again.”

Shocking Abuse in Her Own Home