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IJM Cebu Helps Rescue Two Teens Who Took Jobs as Nannies, Instead Trafficked into the Sex Trade

CEBU, THE PHILIPPINES – Two friends who left their tiny island home to be nannies together were rescued last weekend from the small, shabby resort where they were instead trafficked into the sex trade. The teens, 15 and 17, had been trapped on an island more than a day's journey from their home. Without money or their own phones, they had no way of calling home for help.

IJM Kenya and Police Arrest Orphanage Director Suspected of Child Abuse

NAIROBI, KENYA – This month, IJM investigators worked closely with local police to arrest an orphanage director in Kenya for allegedly raping one of the children under his care.

A 14-year-old girl, who had lived at the orphanage for nearly ten years, says the man brought her into his family's home and sexually abused her. But when she reported the abuse to other staff, no one would help. Even when she discovered she was pregnant as a result of the abuse, orphanage staff forced her to hide her pregnancy in silence.

The Philippines: IJM Helps Law Enforcement Rescue 5 Boys

CEBU, THE PHILIPPINES – IJM Cebu helped rescue five boys—the youngest only 9 years old—from a beachside resort on Friday, July 12. An Australian national and his Filipino driver were arrested and taken into custody that same night, both allegedly involved in abusing these children.

Five Boys Rescued from "Shocking" Abuse

The regional anti-trafficking police unit in Cebu called IJM for assistance with the rescue operation and follow-up care. The original tip came from another mother who reported suspected sexual abuse to city social workers.

IJM Pampanga Helps Rescue Three Girls from Cybersex Den in Residential Neighborhood

PAMPANGA, THE PHILIPPINES – Girls as young as 15 were rescued from a cybersex den in Angeles City last Friday. The city is a known destination for sex tourism, with large entertainment clubs and bars where young women are openly sold for sex. But the girls rescued July 12 were being exploited out of a home in a residential neighborhood.

IJM Pampanga worked with the Anti-Transnational Crime Division of the Philippine Criminal Investigation and Detection Group to carry out the complex rescue operation, and the national law enforcement officers arrested three suspects.