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IJM Kolkata, Police Rescue Two Girls "Trapped In A World Of Darkness"

KOLKATA, INDIA – On November 1, 2012, Kolkata police called IJM for assistance with an urgent rescue operation, two staff members mobilized immediately. They met over a dozen police officers at a safe meeting point, then travelled together to the house where they believed two teenage girls had been trafficked for sexual exploitation.

IJM Kenya: Man Convicted For Raping Two Girls, Both Moving Forward In University

NAIROBI, KENYA: The crime was brutal – a group of school friends violently robbed by a gang, two of the young girls raped. IJM Kenya took on the case, working tirelessly to secure justice for Etana* and Mara.* But as the months went by and three of the four men in the gang were acquitted, justice seemed cruelly out of reach.