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Girl Rescued From Dark Brothel During Daytime Operation In Kolkata

KOLKATA, INDIA – On a Thursday afternoon in October, Kolkata Police called IJM for assistance with an urgent operation in Kolkata's major red-light district. An IJM social worker and lawyer left immediately to meet the police, determined to find and rescue a girl who they believed had been trafficked there.

The police led the way to a brothel, which was dark, but for ominous red lights inside. Since it was daytime, brothel keepers and madams were asleep, many lying in the hallways. The team climbed the stairs to the fourth floor, quickly but quietly.

IJM's Newest Office In The Philippines Initiates First Anti-Trafficking Operation, Two Girls Rescued

PAMPANGA, THE PHILIPPINES – Last week, IJM Pampanga helped the Philippine National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) rescue young women from a bar where minors were being sold for sex. It was the first operation initiated by IJM Pampanga, which opened earlier this year as IJM’s third office in the Philippines.

IJM gathered evidence of sex trafficking and then worked closely with the NBI law enforcement officers to develop a rescue plan. The collaborative team entered the mid-sized disco bar at 11:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 18, 2012.

IJM Manila Celebrates A Milestone: 100th Anti-Trafficking Conviction In The Philippines

MANILA, THE PHILIPPINES – After a six-year trial heard by four different judges, one sex trafficking case finally came to a close late last month. A trafficker was convicted, bringing justice to six girls who were rescued in an IJM-assisted operation. It was a hard-won victory for the entire team of IJM staff, government social workers and the public prosecutor who persevered throughout the case. And it was the 100th conviction ever under the Philippines’ anti-trafficking law.