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15-Year-Old Amani's Brave Testimony Brings Justice in Kenya

NAIROBI, KENYA: IJM attorneys felt the mood in the courtroom change abruptly. When the judge read the verdict against the man who raped Amani,* fear turned to surprise – and joy. Despite the perpetrator's attempts to distort the truth, he was convicted. Justice had been done for 15-year-old Amani and her family.

Over a year ago, Amani was walking home from school alone. Suddenly, her uncle grabbed her and forced her into a nearby forest. He raped her and threatened to hurt his young niece if she told anyone. Scared for her life, Amani kept her pain to herself for five long days.

IJM Mumbai: Three Convictions After Courageous Testimony From Sex Trafficking Survivor

MUMBAI, INDIA – After a tough legal battle, an Indian court has declared three traffickers guilty of sex trafficking crimes and evicted them from the building they had been using as brothel. The just verdict means each of the traffickers will serve a prison sentence, and it means justice for the four girls who were rescued from the brothel in February 2010.

The Conviction In Rwanda Means Tamara And Her Family Can "Continue On The Road To Recovery"

KIGALI, RWANDA – As the Rwandan judge handed down the sentence, his message was clear: The sexual abuse against Tamara* was wrong, and her attacker would be held accountable for it.

Nearly one year ago, 15-year-old Tamara was sleeping quietly in the front room of her family's small home. Her father's friend, at the family's house for a visit, had fallen asleep in a chair nearby. But in the middle of the night, he woke up and raped Tamara, all while her family slept in the very next room.

IJM Mumbai: They Hadn't Seen Sunlight For Three Years...

MUMBAI, INDIA – IJM Mumbai got a call from the Kolkata police department. The police had been looking for Sundari,* a teenage girl who had gone missing three years earlier. Her brother had been the one to report the case, and he had refused to give up hope.

After months and months of false starts and dead ends, the Kolkata police believed they had finally found Sundari – she had been trafficked from Kolkata to a red-light district outside of Mumbai, nearly 1,000 miles away.