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IJM Cebu Helps Rescue Sisters Being Sexually Abused in Videos Broadcasted Online

CEBU, THE PHILIPPINES – IJM helped anti-trafficking police rescue three sisters—the youngest only 2 years old—from their home, where they were being sexually abused in videos broadcasted online. The police arrested and charged the mother and father under the Philippines' anti-trafficking law.

Investigation Reveals Siblings Being Exploited in Their Own Home

IJM Cebu: 13 Children Rescued in Complex Operation

CEBU, THE PHILIPPINES – Just as the sun was rising, a caravan of police cars and vans crossed one of the thousands of bridges connecting tiny islands throughout the Philippines. In the quiet hours of the early morning, the convoy of police and social workers would rescue 13 children—from 8 to 17 years old—who they believe were being regularly sexually abused in live videos broadcasted online, recorded in their rural neighborhood just outside Cebu City.