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In India, Former Slaves Now Free To Be Grandparents

CHENNAI, INDIA – It did not take long for Venkatesh and Subbulu to realize that they were trapped in slavery. But when they did, it was too late. Exasperated by his powerlessness to help his family, Venkatesh said, "'till I die I have to live here like a captive."

He and his wife had taken a small loan from the owner of a rice mill where their daughter worked. They planned pay it back by working in the mill. But the owner was not interested in the loan; he was interested in running his business on cheap labor – slave labor.

What Slavery Looks Like

IJM Kenya: Man Sentenced To Life In Prison For Abusing 8-Year-Old Jess

NAIROBI, KENYA: Though just a small girl, Jess* stood bravely in front of the courtroom.  She was ready to tell the court about the man who had sexually assaulted her. Her courageous testimony helped the Kenyan court convict Jess’ attacker and sentence him to life in prison—the strongest punishment possible for his crime.

IJM Rwanda Helps Mimi Go Home To A New Future

KIGALI, RWANDA When Mimi's* mother watched her 12-year-old daughter walk away from their tiny Rwandan village, she had no idea that it would be five years before she saw her child again. It certainly never crossed her mind that when Mimi returned – brought back to her mother by a team of Rwandan police and IJM social workers – Mimi would have a child of her own, a daughter born as a result of abuse.

Nowhere To Go

IJM Chennai: "Today 27 People Breathe Their Lives In Freedom"

CHENNAI, INDIA – When IJM discovered families were being forced to work as slaves at a tree-cutting farm, they alerted local government officials. Together, a team of IJM staff, police and government leaders planned a rescue operation. When the rescue team arrived on Thursday, August 30, they found nearly 30 men, women and even children enslaved in not one, but two, tree-cutting farms.