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IJM Kolkata Celebrates Justice 6 Years After Shefali Was Rescued From Massive Red-Light District

KOLKATA, INDIA – Six years after 15-year-old Shefali* was rescued from a brothel in Kolkata's largest red-light district, the woman who trafficked her was sentenced to prison for her crimes. The conviction brings closure to a lengthy trial riddled with obstacles, and, according to IJM Kolkata Field Office Director Biju Mathew, "justice means this brave survivor can keep thriving in freedom."

"My soul and body are gone"

Once Silenced by Fear, These Former Slaves Are Now the Voices of Freedom

NEW DELHI, INDIA – India celebrated 66 years of independence on August 15. But it was the first Independence Day that Banarasi and Darshan Singh had celebrated in two decades: until this summer, they were slaves.

Banarasi, Darshan, and their eldest son had been trapped in a rice mill in Punjab, India since 1994. The Singh family more than doubled in size during that time. Banarasi gave birth to two daughters and another son. Their first grandchild was born in the rice mill, in line to inherit the same bleak future.

Former Military Officer Arrested, Cambodian Churches Help Survivors as Sexual Assault Case Continues

PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA – Over the past three years, IJM has been developing a complex case against a former military officer suspected of brutally assaulting impoverished girls in his community. Although many stories circulated about the horrific abuse that went on behind the closed doors of his secure home, it took years to locate any families who were willing to formally accuse the powerful Cambodian man of his crimes.

IJM Kampala: The Very Relatives Who Took Nelson In As An Orphan Later Stole His Home

KAMPALA, UGANDA – When Nelson's parents died, he and his siblings faced an uncertain future until relatives took them in. But years later, Nelson would learn an awful truth: these same relatives had stolen his parents' property—a home and land that would help the orphans—and they would use lies, threats and violence to stop Nelson from getting it back.