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IJM Exposes Students at One of India's Top Law Schools to Reality of Slavery

CHENNAI, INDIA – Earlier this year, India's most prestigious law school invited IJM Chennai to educate undergraduate and postgraduate students on forced labor slavery. A handful of India University's National Law School students, specializing in criminal rights, human rights and business, enrolled in this five-day, credit course led by IJM lawyers.

Thanks to Sister Heema's Training with IJM Mumbai, She Knew How to Help Two Girls in Trouble

MUMBAI, INDIA – Gita* knew something was wrong when she found two girls huddled together, asleep in the stairwell of her apartment building. They seemed to be alone, and it was unclear how they had arrived in her building.

Gita herself had come to Mumbai as a 12-year-old orphan, and she knew what kind of trouble could come their way.

A Providential Call for Intervention

IJM Kenya: 20 Years for Gang Member Convicted of Terrifying Assault

NAIROBI, Kenya – Jillian* was only 15 years old when a notorious gang member brutally assaulted her. Over the next year, the young girl was plagued by fear. But with the support of her community and IJM Kenya, Jillian courageously spoke the truth about the abuse in court.

Her bravery has paid off. Last month, a Kenyan court convicted the gang member for raping Jillian and sent him to prison for 20 years.

Unimaginable Abuse

In Broad Daylight, IJM Cebu Helps Anti-Trafficking Police Rescue 8 in Undercover Operation

CEBU, THE PHILIPPINES – On Sunday morning, a small team drove to an empty parking lot two hours outside Cebu city. There was an outdoor market nearby, and the whole area would be bustling soon. But at 9 a.m., it was still relatively quiet.

The team of IJM staff and the Philippine National Police's Cebu-based Regional Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force was meeting a well-known "mamasan," who said she would provide girls to foreigners who wanted to buy sex. She carried out her end of the phony deal and was arrested on the spot.