Forced Labor Slavery

Arjun's Family is Free, but the Battle for Justice Continues

BANGALORE, INDIA – Some IJM clients are nervous to go to court. Not Arjun. The young boy told IJM he wanted to go to court and tell the judge how the owner of the brick kiln where he once lived had beaten his parents. When his family was rescued from slavery three years ago, Arjun was just 8 – but he remembers clearly what his family faced, and he was ready for his voice to be heard.

Growing up in Slavery

IJM Chennai and Local Government Rescue Families from Slavery in Adjacent Rice Mills

CHENNAI, INDIA – Late last week IJM Chennai assisted local authorities to rescue dozens of children, women and men trapped in two rice mills, forced to work as slaves. The IJM staff and government officials planned to rescue families from one rice mill, but when the team arrived individuals from an adjoining rice mill started jumping over a wall, begging to get out of slavery too.