Forced Labor Slavery

IJM Launches Advocacy and Grassroots-Mobilization Campaign in India to End Slavery

CHENNAI, INDIA – Under a cloudy sky, the thumping of drums and the voices of folk singers drew a crowd eager to see what was happening. Under the shadow of the Gandhi statue at Chennai’s  Marina Beach, a crowd grew, drawing  dozens of school children, government officials, media personnel and NGO representatives to witness the launch of IJM Chennai’s advocacy and grassroots-mobilization campaign to raise awareness about forced labor slavery.

IJM Chennai: Three Rice Mill Owners Using Slave Labor Convicted

 CHENNAI, INDIA – Today, three rice mill owners who ran their businesses using slave labor were convicted of criminal charges. Each of the three perpetrators was fined and sentenced to prison, a significant ruling communicating a strong message that forced labor slavery is a crime punishable by law in India.

“These decisions are a powerful reminder that there are serious consequences to using forced labor,” said IJM Chennai’s Field Office Director Andy Griffiths.

In India, Former Slaves become Leaders

CHENNAI, INDIA – Ramesh addressed a small room full of children, women and men, gathered from many villages throughout South India. His audience shared a common story: Once victims of forced labor slavery, the families were learning how to live in freedom again. Ramesh spoke from experience: "After release, life won't be easy – you will face lots of difficulties, but you have to make sure you work hard."

Slavery to Freedom