Forced Labor Slavery

IJM Chennai: Government Leader Rescues a Dozen from Slavery, Says “This Makes My Work Noble”

CHENNAI, INDIA – Last week IJM helped rescue families that had been enslaved for about six years. Eleven adults and a 15-year-old boy were forced to work in the woodcutting operation; the small children were growing up in this life of slavery, with no hope of another future in sight. The families were moved from place to place, cutting thorny bushes and chopping logs into wood at each new worksite. Sometimes they also had to do construction work on the owner's house.

IJM Delhi’s First Operation Brings Rescue Despite Angry Mob, Freezing Cold, More Challenges

DELHI, INDIA – On the second day of the new year, IJM helped rescue 33 people from a life of slavery in a brick factory. Twenty-eight people, including children as young as 5, received release certificates that emancipate them from slavery.

The rescue operation was the first of the year for IJM—and it was the first ever for IJM Delhi.

IJM Bangalore: Families Trafficked Across State Borders Rescued from Slavery

BANGALORE, INDIA – Nearly 40 people from one of India's poorest states were rescued this week from a brick factory just outside Bangalore. They said a man had come to their village and offered them jobs and the money to pay for their travel across state borders. When the families arrived at the brick factory, they quickly realized they had been tricked. They were trapped at the factory as forced labor slaves.

Twenty-Hour Days, No Escape