Forced Labor Slavery

Nearly 70 Rescued from "Life-Threatening" Violence in India

CHENNAI, INDIA – Nearly seventy people were rescued from a life of slavery in a rural district in Andhra Pradesh. Children were forced to work beside their parents in the brick factory around the clock – literally up to 22 hours a day – seven days a week. One 10-year-old boy told how he had to make 2,000 clay bricks a day, carrying eight at a time.

Free At Last: IJM Chennai Helps Rescue Families From Slavery, Some Trapped For 15 Years

CHENNAI, INDIA – Yesterday, IJM helped rescue four families from a life of slavery in an Indian brick factory. One of the men said he had taken out a $10 loan from the factory owner 15 years ago. He had simply wanted to visit his sister. He agreed to work in the factory to repay that small advance. But it was a trap. A decade and a half later, he was still working to repay the alleged loan.

IJM Bangalore: A Runaway Brother's Call For Help Brings Rescue

BANGALORE, INDIA – This week, a family of six was set free from slavery in an Indian brick kiln. Over the last couple of weeks, several of the siblings had escaped, making the brick kiln all the more dangerous for those who were left behind.

Tricked Once, Trapped For Good

On February 11 2013, IJM Bangalore got a desperate call for help. The caller was a young man named Prasham.* Prasham had escaped from a brick kiln where he and his siblings had been held captive for about six months.

IJM Chennai, Government Rescue Families Trapped In Slavery For As Long As Five Years

CHENNAI, INDIA – Yesterday, IJM helped government officials in a rural district outside Chennai rescue four families from slavery in a rice mill. The families – including seven children – had been trapped there for as long as five years. The men and women were forced to do all of the tedious, backbreaking work of harvesting and processing rice by hand, without any machinery.