IJM Guatemala Seeks Justice for Six Girls Abused in Online Child Exploitation Website

GUATEMALA CITY – For nearly two years, IJM Guatemala has been advocating for six girls who were victims of brutal sexual violence—aged 6 to 15 years old. It's a unique case for the IJM team that handles child sexual assault cases, as these girls were being sexually abused in videos and photographs posted online.

These six girls are just a fraction of the dozens reportedly exploited on a website targeted by the U.S. Department of Justice in a massive takedown of pedophiles that spanned five continents.

Dreamboard:  Abuse on a Massive Scale

IJM Guatemala: Best Practices Become Permanent Reforms in the Justice System

Most impoverished families in Guatemala do not think justice in a court is possible, at least not for them. Families face significant obstacles in order to report a crime or take a case to trial. Even then, the justice system is complicated and intimidating—especially for children.

IJM has seen these obstacles firsthand. Since 2005, a small team of Guatemalan lawyers has been prosecuting cases of child sexual assault, while IJM social workers help the survivors receive holistic care.