Illegal Detention

Two Innocent Men Facing Life Imprisonment Finally Set Free

NAIROBI, KENYA – Today in Kenya, two men framed for stealing a police officer’s radio were finally declared innocent. The battle in court has taken two years.

“I have gone through a lot of agony since I got arrested and imprisoned,” Collins told the IJM team fighting for his innocence. “I have seen God work through you, and he has used you to save me.”  

Framed For a Crime

Freed Kenyan Father No Longer Fears Life Imprisonment

NAIROBI, KENYA – With a single gunshot, Zakayo’s life changed forever.

Just minutes before, the young father had climbed into a crowded bus at the end of a long workday in Nairobi. His wife, Joyce, and four children were waiting at home.

But when the bus driver abruptly announced he was raising the fares, passengers around Zakayo began protesting and spilled out angrily to the street. Nearby police fired warning shots to gain control of the crowd, and Zakayo was hit in the leg. He spent the next two and a half months recovering in hospital.

IJM Kenya: After a Shocking Arrest and a Stroke - Evans Is Now Free

NAIROBI, KENYA – Last week, a Kenyan father was finally declared innocent in court after being blamed for a crime he never committed.

The shock of his arrest 18 months ago left Evans partially paralyzed, and left his family struggling to get by. But with support from IJM Kenya, Evans and his family are safe and starting to thrive once again.

Blamed for a Violent Robbery