Illegal Detention

New Study: In 2 out of 3 Felony Cases, Kenyans Put on Trial Without Sufficient Evidence

NAIROBI, KENYA – This week, Kenya's Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) made history, releasing its first and a first-of-its kind study that exposes a stunning reality: In nearly two-thirds of felony cases reviewed, men and women had been tried for crimes even though law enforcement had not gathered enough evidence to even charge them.

Stunning Results

Jane, a grandmother who lives in a small corrugated metal home in a massive Kenyan slum, knows the truth the study has revealed.

IJM Kenya Partners with Nairobi Prison to Address Gaps in the System

NAIROBI, KENYA – There is no public defender in Kenya. This means that in nearly all cases, if you cannot afford a lawyer, you will not get one.

For the many impoverished men and women who have been accused of crimes they never committed, the absence of a defender can be devastating.

Last month, IJM Kenya and the Nairobi County Prisons Service signed a historic agreement to help address the legal gaps that have kept too many innocent people trapped in prison.

A Broken and Confusing System